Valerie M. Phillips

Cambria Heights, New York




Winter Lilies

Oil on Canvas   36 X 30



Oil  on Canvas    48 X 36

Banana Leaves at Sunset

Oil   30 x 40



Three Little Birds

Oil on Canvas  40 X30



Through the Looking Glass

Oil    48 X36



Oil & Gold Leaf  36x24


Mystic Marquee

Oil 24" oval



Spanish Mane

          Oil, Gold, Copper Leaf      48x 36



Jonkunu Princess

Oil, Gold Leaf 48 x 36




    Oil, Silver Leaf, Acrylic, Beads, Mirrors  48 x 24



Oil 30 x 40


Zorka's Toys

Oil  40 x30


Let My People Go

Oil, Gold Leaf, Glitter  48 X 60


On Drums

Oil, Glitter 48 x 36


Madame Zorka

Oil 40 x 30



Oil 70 x 50



Oil 28 x 36


Harlequin I

Oil  18x24

Seahorse Carousell

Oil, Glitter 36 x 48


Harlequin II

Oil  18x24



Orange Horse

Acrylic 24 x 36




Oil 30 x 40



Night Jump

Oil 48 x 36


Moroccan Horses

Oil, Gold Leaf 40 x 30






                                     Lead Horse

                     Oil, Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Beads

         triptych (48 x 72) each piece 48 x 24




           “Winter Tropicale” is an exhibit inspired by contrasts.  The juxtaposition of these two words marries seeming opposites.  It was my hope to bring the experience of the heat and vibrancy of the tropics to the dead of winter for this New York exhibit.

 The inspiration for the individual paintings stems significantly from my Caribbean and African heritage as well as my travels throughout many parts of the world. This can be seen most prominently in my use of the color and texture with which I imbue my paintings. These rich and varied colors of my ancestral origins evoke the vibrancy of a lush tropical environment and the powerful, inescapable light indigenous to those parts of the world.

 In addition, the subject matter of many of my paintings in this exhibit is of a specific origin.  When I contemplate the home of my ancestors, I see the choreography of nature, the rhythmic power and majesty of the turquoise sea, the waters flowing from the mountains into terra firma creating a rainforest which gives birth to a wonderful abundance of fruit, flora and vegetation inherent to those tropical places.  I have attempted to capture the product of this magnificent dance in my representations of the banana at its heart, the young coconut and the orange as well as the heliconia, red ginger an other indigenous flowers.

 The medium for these works is oil, and all of the canvases on display in this exhibit have been painted in that wonderful medium.           

          I hope that you will enjoy the rich culture, beauty and song that is the hallmark of this exhibit; I hope, too, that you are affected and enriched by the spirit I have attempted to capture in each of my paintings.      ……………Valerie Phillips



1997 to

present    Art students league -Peter Homitzky

1998        Southwest Pastel Workshop (Santa Fe, New Mexico - Jane Shoenfeld

1999        Open Your Eyes workshop, Island Heights, New Jersey, Lizzie Schippert

2003        Ocean City New Jersey International Art Exhibit   

                         i.      Pastel Workshop - Brenda Mattson

                         ii.     Watercolor Workshop - Paul George





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