Jennifer Ivey





24X30 Acrylic on Canvas



38x42 Oil on Canvas

Mask I

18x24  Cut Paper

Mask II

18x24  Cut Paper


Flower I

 22x28 Acrylic on board

Flower III

 22x28 Acrylic on board

Flower IV

 22x28 Acrylic on board

Flower II

 22x28 Acrylic on board


Born in Brooklyn, NY

Graduated from Pratt Institute majoring in painting & art education
Studied with William T. Williams

Board of Education literacy coach
Member of The Long Island Black Artists Association
Exhibited in various shows throughout NYC, usually with my husband, Rod, also an artist.

I often work from photographs because I am intrigued with another person's artistic eye,
capturing a candid moment of everyday life.