History and Old Photos


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LIBAA Members


Seated: ?  , Jennifer Ivey, Deborah Young-Corbin, Maxine Townsend-Broderick, Doris Campbell, Ethel Washington, Rhonda Fleshman, Rosa Hanna-Scott, Galvin. Bisserup.

Standing: Diane Robinson, James Brown, Brent Bailer, Neil Williams Leslye Nicholson, Rod Ivey, Bernard James,  ?  , David Wilson, James Whitten, Ernest Snell, Wilber Young, ?.



L.I.B.A.A. Members

at Freeport Show 2012


Brent Bailer, Neil Williams, Ernest Shell, Olita Wingate-Jenkins, Ethel Washington, Galvin Bisserup, Maxine Townsend-Broderick, Rhonda Fleshman, James Whitten




 Members of L.I.B.A.A.




Seated: Jennifer Ivey, Diane Robinson, Maxine Townsend-Broderick, Rosa Hanna-Scott, Charles Winslow, Gina Sampson. Middle Row: Wilber Young, Herschel Manier, Olita Wingate-Jenkins, Deborah Young-Corbin, Ethel Washington, Rebecca Fowler, Rhonda Fleshman,   ?   ,  Dosis Campbell. Back Row: Neil Williams, Clemente Etterick, Jose Gonzales, Rod Ivey, Frank Shervington, Leslye Nicholson, James Whitten, Bernard James, David Wilson,  ?  , Galvin Bisserup.

Members of L.I.B.A.A.

October 8, 2006









Members of L.I.B.A.A.

at Roslyn Library Show

January 2005

Front Floor: Kenneth Price, Jose Gonzales.     Middle row: James Counts, Jr., James Counts, Sr.,  Herschel Manier, Olita Wingate-Jenkins, David Wilson, Mariah Lowery, Maxine Townsend-Broderick.        Standing: Edward Bowser, Charles Winslow, Bernard James,  Grace Braithwaite, Ethel Washington, Sharon Bourke, Doris Campbell, Rod Ivey, Jennifer Ivey.




Members of L.I.B.A.A. at the

 African American Museum

in Hempstead, NY  


  Seated: Grace Braithwaite, Sandra Mills, Mariah Lowery,  ?  , Ethel Washington, Doris Campbell, Sharon Bourke, Maxine Townsend-Broderick.  Middle row: James Counts, Sr., ?  , James Brown, Edward Bowser, ? Fedrecia Hartley, Bernard Cameron, Galvin Bisserup,   Tina Utsey, Raymond Lee Wallace,  ?  , Pam Friday, Charles Winslow, ?  .   ow three: Otto Neals,  ? , Diane Davis, Kenneth Price, Beverly Christopher.     Back Row:  ?  ,  Ron Lucas, ? , Bernard James, Frank Shervington.  



Members of L.I.B.A.A. at the

African American Museum

in Hempstead, NY


Seated: Tina Utsey, Rhonda Fleshman, Ruby Reese, Maxine Townsend-Broderick, Marilyn Wynns-Threadgill, Rosa Hana-Scott, ?.  Middle Row: Edward Bowser, Bernard Cameron, Henry Hargrove, Bernard James, James Whitten. Standing: Galvin Bisserup,  ?,  Kenneth Smith, Charles Winslow,  Dan Bolling, ?.    


1968 - 1980 Members of the Long Island Black Artist's Association




Some members of LIBAA in 1982

Front Row: Barbara Powell,  Barbara Fuquqa, Earl Hill, Windsor Nared, Emmitt Wigglesworth, John Hunter, Robert Carter , Ruby Reese.

Second Row: Margarette Kisseloff,  Doris Price, Earl Broglin, Otto Neals, Eleanor Merritt, Gwendolyn Rabowski, James Counts, Bertie Williams
Third Row: Charles Winslow, Robert Settles, Lee Hill, Maxine Townsend-Broderick







    ?    , Charles Winslow, Frank Frazier, James Counts,Sr.

Earl Broglan, Tina Allen, James Counts      three of LIBAA's Sculpters



Standing:  ?    , Windsor Nared, Frank Frazier,Charles Winslow  

           Sitting: Ernest Snell, James Counts 


Tina Allen



Ruby Reese & her work - Gertrud Smart's"Young BlackGirl"  - Peter M. DuFore  painting of a mother &her children

James Counts & his work




Ray Miles presenting  his sculpture of W. E. B. Dubois to his wife Mrs. Shirley Graham Dubois in 1976.


Raymond Richardson MilesII