Herschel Manier

Floral Park, New York




Tulip Farm   ( oil )    25x25


Back Yard  ( oil )  19x23




Boy's Culture ( oil)  27x27


Canyon Mist  ( oil )  25x25



City Gates



   Herschel Manier resides in Floral Park, New York. A former Art Director and Graphic Artist, Manier studied at The School of Visual Arts, New York University and New Yorkís Art Students League.  Now an honorary lifetime member of the New York Art Students League and a member of the Black Artist Association, (LIBAA). 

        He is a traditional painter whose expressiveness has evolved in such mediums as oils, acrylics and watercolors.  His work has appeared in galleries throughout the tri-state, private shows and donations to local libraries.  Sound fundamentals, especially good drawings, are the basis of all his painting. Mastery of these essentials allows his audience to experience and explore all avenues encompassed in Manierís art.

         From the traditional joy of raising a family, traveling to the Caribbean, Paris, Spain, West Coast, East Coast and the many corners of the country, his work captures the beauty of it all.

        Throughout his artistic career, the human figure has intrigued, excited and challenged him.  Motivated by the opportunities to stumble onto new ideas, new subjects and unforeseen corners, affords him the ability to interpret and create this lifetime body of work.

        Personal Statement:  ď My inspiration comes from a variety of sources in my life, photographs and collected reference material.  I draw form life as often as possible.  Before painting a subject, Iíll do several studies to determine composition, value and its visual effect.