Wilbur (Butch) Young




Wilbur L. Young, born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Queens New York, first showed interest in Art in in the form of pencil drawings in Elementary School in the late 1950's. His favorite artists are Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell and a most recent favorite is J.D. Hillberry. In 1963 he entered John Adams High School in Queens, New York he took an art class which introduced him to the various ways to use Calligraphy in Art. He began to become more serious about his work but preferred the use of Pencil. After graduation from High School he joined the Air Force and kept up with his interest in Pencil drawings. Some of his fellow Airmen would ask him to draw pictures of their friends or family. In 1970 after finishing his tour of duty with the Air Force he continued drawing until the year 1972. His art was put aside and forgotten until 1996 when his baby sister Anita Tatum found an old drawing of his and showed it to him. That restarted his interest in drawing and he would meet with Anita and another sister Deborah Corbin to draw. Wilbur and his two sisters would get together mostly on Saturdays and get back into their love of drawing that had been put aside during their child raising years. Those who saw the new work and were able to compare it to the old work were surprised to see that Wilbur didn't lose his talent. In fact he was getting better with each drawing. Wilbur started using colored pencil to make his work more realistic. In 2008 Wilbur and his sister Deborah joined the Long Island Black Artist Association.

His drawings have been shown at the following places:

2008 East Hampton High School, East Hampton, N.Y.

2009 Molloy College, Rockville Center, N.Y.

2009 Lakeview Library, Lakeview Long Island, N.Y.

2009 New Life Church of Christ, Long Beach, N.Y.


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